Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Sewing Machine Madness

Well what a funny day I've had, I meant yesterday to dig out the sewing machine from the deep darkness of what is know as 'under the stairs' and do some sewing using some of the Stampin Up fabric, but that did not work out as Scotty too Hotty was poorly, so I was busy playing nurse and giving cuddles :-).

So today out comes the sewing machine, now I've owned this machine for 30 years and it was second had when I got it, I've not used it for 20 years and couldn't remember why.  I set the whole thing up and was raring to go and .......... it didn't work, which is probably why I packed it away in the first place, whats more is I've moved 6 times since I packed it away and instead of getting rid of the thing dragged it along for the ride *rollseyes*

Not to worry I went out and purchased myself a reasonably priced SIMPLE machine as my sewing is at novice level so I didn't want some complicated thing and I made these;
I made these lovely slippers from the twitterpated fabric available from the new Spring mini.  If you would like the pattern for these it can be purchased from here .

Can you see the ribbon holder behind them?  Here it is;

Scotty's Granddad made it for me, now if you are getting a little ribbon storage jealously he is willing to make more for a cost of £20 plus postage and packing.  Let me know if you would like one and I'll pass on your details :-)

Bye for now
Deb xx

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