Friday, 8 June 2012

Lost and rejigged

Again I here you cry, another blog post! Well yes I thought I'd treat you as I'm off work due to half term and the weather is doing it's worst and scuppering mine and Scotty too Hotty's plans.

Another day of rain I'm afraid, what to do with an eight year old on days like this?  Well we made a shepherds pie, and now as we speak Scotty too Hotty is holding his own pretend cooking class with his teddy friends and guess what they are making? ;-)

As you know I've been sewing like mad this last couple of days, I finished off with a pencil case to match my bag here it is;

As you can see I've added the fantablous Jelly Bean Brads to this. love it! Two buttons to fasten it up as I've not mastered zips as yet.  I also wanted to add a tissue holder to this set, I did try to make one out of fabric but I didn't like the finished result, so as I had purchased a template to make a paper one I went looking for that, but alas could not find that any where, I'm assuming it's hiding with all the lost socks, Scott's remote control and a travel brush of mine which have also all disappeared.  A bad case of the borrowers maybe ;-). 

I was not worried as I am a proud owner of the NEW simply scored scoring board so decided to take a few measurements from my tissue pack and make my own, and here's the finished result;

Aww every ones favourite bear Tatty Ted is hiding inside. Although the paper is double sided I wanted it to match every thing else I'd made so fixed two sheets of the DSP Twitterpated paper together to make this, it has the added benefit of making the box itself stronger too.  I've added a flower that I made with the Blossom Punch which the flap of the tissue box tucks behind.  I'm very happy with it all and love my new matching set :-)

See you soon

Deb xxx

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