Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Madness goes on

So after dragging Scotty too hotty round the supermarket for baking items, whilst keeping an eye out for him sneaking in little trinkets he might fancy along the way, we finally made it home without too much fuss, apart from a man standing right next to me as I was leaning into the car and shouting JESUS!  I thought he was on about the size of my bum! How rude I thought (even though it is on the rotund side lol) luckily he was exclaiming at a young lad on a bike who had nearly mowed him down *giggles* Now I'm sorry all you papercrafters but I've been at the sewing machine again. Look on the bright side I'm not the best sewer and I've had to refer to my sewing machines manual several times, but these two projects did not take long, and if I can do it then anyone can!  So here's my first project;

It's a lovely little clutch bag, I even manchine to use my machine to make a button hole AND sew on a button! I have problem with my shoulder so I thought this with it's little wrist strap would be ideal for when I'm at school in my other guise as a Learning Support Assistant. Both my pencil case, notebook and diary fit in it perfectly;

I also made this little wallet to go with it, it fits my business cards in and some money should I need it;

Aren't they lovely?  I'm really chuffed with myself , whats even better is that these patterns are free and available here

Now I'm off to feed Sir Scott

See you soon
Deb xxx

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