Wednesday, 31 October 2012


So this is what's on my work desk this morning, I'm busy making these little surprise boxes for a craft fair I'm going to.  They are quite simple to make but since I've decided to hand stamp them all instead of using papers they are a little time consuming.

The matches? Well they were for testing the lighting of the pumpkin this morning, just to make sure it works you understand lol

Happy Crafting

Deb xxx


  1. Nice I've always wanted to try an explosion box but I have only the patience for weird tedious tasks...Tamika #112

  2. This is an awesome box! Great job!

    Happy Halloween and WOYWW!
    Katie #114

  3. These look fun! They are always a surprise for whoever opens and isn't expecting it. Happy WOYWW! Tammy #106

  4. Are you going to publish the instructions for these boxes ? Would love to have them !
    You do such a fabulous job !

  5. Lovely. I too would like to see how hey are made
    FAMFA (10)